Groovy bar  was founded on 07.11.2003 г., in the heart of old Bourgas, for the basic purpose: to be a place, where people who love quality music can meet. A place to attract all Jazz, Blues, Funk, Soul, Rock music fans, to have fun.
A bar which is completely different to any other in Bourgas, and not only... A place with unique style and atmosphere, where customers become friends. The name of the bar says much - a word which basic dictionary meaning is routine, ordinary but nobody use it with this meaning but with slang, where it is completely different. Groovy is everything which can't be put in a frame, modern, different from the others, innovative and of course not in last place, Groovy is something people like a lot.
In music there is whole period called Groovy - the time of funky disco music, which was giving people freedom to choose their outfit and feel like stars. Epoch which will remain in the hearts of people who have the luck to feel it.
In Jazz Groovy means the improvisation. The soul of that cosmopolitan music shows when the player becomes telling stories made up in the moment and transfer himself and the surroundings to a different world.Than you can here someone crying - "Groooovy!"
For those who still don't touch to the world of Groovy, I can only say:
Welcome! Customers become friends here! Cheers!